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What’s the right way to cook grilled bbq chicken?

No one in this world hasn’t enjoyed grilled bbq chicken. Although making one for ourselves could be a bit tricky.

We have created this article to assist our readers in obtaining the right information which ensures enable them with proper knowledge about how to cook chicken the right way.

Oil and salt chicken

First and foremost, you need to marinate your chicken with proper sauces. To make grilled bbq chicken the first sauce that comes to mind is bbq sauce.

The addition to it is salt and oil, which are used to grill the chicken itself without burning the meat itself.

Adding all of these ingredients and leaving it so that it gets marinated properly is considered the first step during chicken.

Prepare grill

The grill can’t get ready on itself. You first need to clean it and ensure that it’s properly set up. If you are cooking through gas-powered grilled, make sure it’s secured with a gas line properly.

We would recommend using charcoal for your grilled bbq chicken as the charcoal smoke gives added flavor to the chicken during its preparation.

Sear the chicken

Chicken as meat comes in one piece so the only way to ensure that it’s cooked properly, we follow the process of searing the chicken.

The surface of the chicken is observed so that its color is changed. Brownish crust starts to appear over time when it’s cooked for a few minutes.

One of the best things about sear chicken is that you must have to flip both ways and make sure that the grilling turns the chicken color all the way to brown and not dark brown otherwise it gets burned.

Cook until changes color

The overall color of the chicken needs to be changed. One way to do that is through observing.

The color changes to brownish, although in some instances, the color of the chicken can remain white, which means it’s overcooked and all juice has left the chicken.

Sear final then remove

Properly grilled bbq chicken needs a double sear. The sear over the grill adds further crispness which adds more experience during taste.

The final sear takes about a few seconds so that the surface is more crisp and brownish, which also gives a clear indication that grilled bbq chicken is ready.

What’s the alternative to a meat thermometer for grilled bbq chicken?

Many experts do ask people to use a meat thermometer but let’s face it, it’s so rarely used in our kitchen that most people will hardly buy it in the first place, yet for grilled bbq chicken.

That’s why we would like our readers to keep reading further where we will provide them a bit of understanding as to how they can use other ways to which will help them to find the temperature of the meat.

Touching meat with your fingers

If you have guessed, your fingers are the only replacement that can make the grilled bbq chicken cooked as per the best flavor without using the meat thermometer.

Because we need to find the internal temperature of meat, your finger can help realize the outside temperature.

There is various type of technology that can be used with fingers although touching it for a few seconds until your sense can appreciate the level of temperature, will give you a rough estimation of the temperature within the meat.

See the color change

Besides your fingers, seeing the color also helps a bundle in understanding the temperature of grilled bbq chicken without using a meat thermometer.

Most of the meat comes in the red form, but during cooking, chicken becomes whiter while beef becomes browner.

As for bbq chicken, it should be turned brownish white with the black area at the grill position which gives us an understanding that the temperature has made the meat properly cooked.

Smells more like grilling

Talking about your main senses, touch and seeing will brings the smelling to the next that can help you find the estimated result for your chicken temperature without using an actual meat thermometer.

While preparing the chicken, keep your noise active as once you are preparing you will start smelling more like something is being grilled, to begin with. The more smell to start to get, the more confident you should become that grilled bbq chicken is being cooked well.

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