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What’s the difference between Grilled Super SUB and a sandwich?

Have you ever thought about the difference between a sandwich and a sub? If that’s the case, this article will put some light on the topic of the difference between a grilled super sub and a sandwich.

All of our difference is about the overall picture rather than talking about the types of ingredients used in the dishes themselves.

Sub refers to a Submarine sandwich

The word Sub is taken from Submarine because of its shape. The Sub is usually not stacked, rather they are going horizontally.

The thing about the sandwich is that it’s not restricted to size, shape, or how large it’s gonna get. Even burgers come under the category of sandwiches.

When you look at the definition of a sandwich, it’s anything that is served between two pieces of bread. This definition makes Sub come under the category of the sandwich as well which is technically accurate.

Sub appearance looks like a submarine

The shapes tell a lot about anything we see. Of course, if the shape cannot be compared, we name it differently, while Sub does looks like a submarine, hence the name.

Besides the sub is quite easy to name the food as well, and instantly people will know that it’s a sandwich but with a different more horizontal shape of a sandwich.

In most restaurant that serves sub, the shape remains the same, although the ingredients, as well as flavor, is different, which is the same story for every dish that you try.

Subs are technically sandwiches

This has been brought up before as well that sandwiches are a broad word in which everything comes in that looks like two pieces of bread and in between, you have something, even if it’s jam or butter.

When talking about grilled super sub, we do have a stacked item that includes two buns and in between, we have grilled chicken chopped into small pieces.

When we are eating burgers, the chicken or patties can be made in a more proper shape and not pieces because of their shape.

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