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What’s the difference between grilled and barbecue chicken

Whenever you tried guessing the difference between grilled and barbecue chicken, you might get a bit confusing.

Although both use a grill to prepare, the method of making is different. Whether it’s spices involved, cooking time, setup of the grill, or even how they serve to eat.

This article is aimed to help our readers in understanding the difference between grilled and barbecue chicken in the most simple word.

What is grilled chicken?

Grilled chicken is way more popular around the world. The main element of grilled chicken is that it’s made on a grill and you can even see the cooked chicken that is grilled.

The grilled chicken is seasoned before with spices to give it flavor and prepared with the lid open, outdoors or indoors depending on the source you have.

Charcoal and gas-powered grill both can be used for grilled chicken hence it’s quite convenient to prepare grilled chicken.

What is BBQ chicken?

When you talk about barbecue chicken, one thing is for certain, there’s bbq sauce involved, which gives a unique flavor.

Bbq is the mixture of spices that gives bbq flavor to the chicken. It’s prepared over the grill with the lid closed so that the temperature remains moderate.

As we are not looking to burn the surface of chicken like with grilled chicken, it’s prepared with the help of steam coming over through the grill station.

The major difference between grilled and barbecue chicken

Talking about major differences, grilled and barbecue chicken both are cooked with a grill setup, although barbecue chicken is cooked outdoors only while you can cook grilled chicken indoors as well.

The sauce applied during its preparation also defers. You season the meat for grilled chicken but for barbecue chicken, you marinate it with bbq sauce.

Also, the time for cooking barbecue chicken is higher than that of grilled chicken with a lower temperature as well from the latter.

Which is the better one?

This is completely an individual question and everyone has a separate answer to it. The main element here to understand is both are delicious when made great.

Grilled chicken is famous around the world, mostly in Asian, and African countries while barbecue chicken is famous in American and Western countries.

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