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What’s the best way to grilled chicken breast for burgers?

People need to learn the best way to make burgers for themselves, and if they choose their patties to be grilled chicken breast, so be it.

For the same reason, we have created this article to assist our readers in the right way to grilled chicken breast.

Although most of the ingredients and things are already available at your home, just make sure your hands are properly cleaned before going ahead with cooking.

Brine chicken breast

Technically speaking, brining means soaking your chicken with salt water so that it soaks flavors.

Although in this case, make sure to add various other spices and aromas to enhance the true flavor of your chicken breast as it will make the taste even better.

Some of the ingredients for brining include garlic, pepper, thyme, and berries. All of these have good aromas which transfer to your final grilled chicken breast.

Prepare grill

The grill needs to be properly prepared beforehand. One thing to consider is cleaning. The cleaning of the grill is by far not an easy feat.

Start by cleaning the grease and any leftover particles which might come in the way of your grilled chicken breast.

Set the gas source or charcoal whichever is fine. If you are going for two-layered cooking, apply a metal sheet just over the grill part.

Coat chicken breast with oil and paprika

During the grilling part, you need to apply oil to your grilled chicken breast. This will ensure that it’s cooked consistently and remain unburned.

Adding paprika will add a flavor to its surface which enhances more taste and color of the entire breast will transform.

Grill the breast

Keep grilling the breast for a few minutes, don’t forget to flip the breast in even timings. The way to identify whether the breast is properly cooked, you can check by its color or pass a fork over the meat itself to see how easily can you penetrate it.

Serve burger with toppings

Finally, to ensure that your grilled chicken breast is up to the mark, serve the burger with the toppings of your choice.

Ideally speaking, you can go with pickle, tomato, onion, and lettuce. The sauces also enhance the flavor or simply salt and pepper could work.

Mayo is quite popular these days so you can use that to make sure that your grilled burger is up to the mark.

Necessary ingredients to add to grilled chicken breast

Some ingredients usually are found in almost every grilled chicken breast recipe.

We would like to mention these to our readers and provide them with information about the benefits and requirements for every basic ingredient found in grilled chicken breast.


There are various roles for an egg to include within any recipe. As for grilled chicken breast, the main purpose of an egg is to add consistency to the flavors.

Most spices become out of the calculation although eggs help them to balance out and to add better flavor. Plus it’s also used during the bread crumbs stage to stick it properly with the chicken.


There are multiple ways to add onions during your cooking of grilled chicken breast. Either you can add the onion during its cooking or chopped up and mix it with the patty so that crunches can be found within.

The main purpose of onions is to reduce the rankness of the entire dish and to make it fresher looking. The onions can also be served along with salad and dressing.

Bread crumbs

To provide a crunch texture, the addition of bread crumbs helps with the overall recipe for grilled chicken breast.

Also, the bread crumbs make the dish to be drier rather than moist as it can be served with sauces to help people enjoy the sauces more rather than moist within the chicken itself.

Worcestershire sauce

If there’s one of the common ingredients in terms of sauces, there’s always the addition of Worcestershire sauce.

It can be used during the patty’s stages or its marination. The sauce helps to add spices and flavor to the entire dish.


Garlic is considered the most important ingredient used for grilled chicken breast. It’s used during the marination stage and can be added by chopping it into small pieces or adding its paste by going through a blender.

Some people who want to add just a sprinkle of garlic can be used to add over the chicken while in powder form.

Shredded cheese

Cheese remains the main ingredient to add more calories to the dish while the creamy flavor that everyone loves is in grilled chicken breast.

Not only shredded cheese, but we can use grated cheese as well to add as much as we wanted. During the grilling stage, the cheese can help during its dressing as well.

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