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What’s proper way to grilled bbq chicken breast on gas?

The grilled chicken needs to be properly cooked to obtain its true flavor, although when it comes to gas, we have created a guide that explains the proper way to bbq chicken breast.

Although the same procedure can be used for bbq chicken breast over charcoal as well, many households prefer the use of gas as it’s less messy.

Trim boneless chicken

First and foremost we need to take care of the meat itself. Opt for the boneless chicken especially the breast part and properly trimmed.

The cutting should be in such a way that breast meat is spread and not joined around. To make sure that bbq chicken breast is properly cooked, it’s essential to have a uniform surface such as a grill plate.

Clean grill

The grill when in heavy use or sparely used, in both cases it needs to be thoroughly cleaned using a brush and cloth.

In most cases, you will be prompt to clean the grease from the grill surface. Also, clean the station such as the nozzle for gas so that it doesn’t have any blockage in the way.

When dealing with gas, we need to be extremely careful during lighting up our grill, always use newspaper and burn on one end so that you remain at some distance when igniting the flames.

Also, it’s evident to turn the nob of your gas cylinder to a minimum during turning on. Start the gas and over your dual plate for the grill, and let the plate get preheated for 5-7 minutes.

Brush chicken with oil and sauce

For bbq chicken breast, we need to use bbq sauce and oil. During the entire cooking process, it’s pertinent to mention that brushing with oil needs to be continued.

Also, we need to flip our meat so that the meat is properly cooked consistently. Make sure not to overcook one side otherwise the overall taste will be reduced.

Grill for 5 minutes

As a rule, ensure that meat is cooked for 5 minutes tops. Cooking for more time will either overcook the meat or burned it over the surface.

The best thing about eating bbq chicken breast is that it doesn’t require a lot of cooking time, so you can be served with food in quite less time. Make sure to eat the chicken with bbq sauce.

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