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What is the medium burger temp that make perfect grilled cheese burger?

If you are looking to make the best burger on your own, you need to understand the medium burger temp which makes the perfect grilled cheeseburger.

We have created this article aimed to assist our readers in the understanding of medium burger temp so that you better grasp why the temperature is very important to make the meat patty for the burger to become as you wanted.

Tips to handle meat during reaching the best medium burger temp

Before you can handle the temperature, it’s highly important to handle the meat effectively as meat is good preparation, and doing all the prep work before the cooking start is also part of cooking itself.

Through grasping these tips for handling meat for achieving medium burger temp, you will get familiar with how important is to take the account of meat handling during your cooking session.

Handle meat safely

The meat that you bought from the market or get from the slaughterhouse will be in the form of raw meat.

Most of the burger patties are made from chicken and beef. For chicken, what you are looking for is a chicken breast piece that makes the patty quite fulfilling and juicy.

As for beef meat, you will look to ground the meat so that it becomes minced. The patty is made in this way needs to be handled properly. Always wear plastic gloves to protect your hands from any damage.

Keep meat cold until you cook it

Another important tip to consider before cooking the meat and achieving medium burger temp is to not make it warm before cooking it,

The meat will get worse if it is subjected to warm temperature, hence it’s quite important to keep the meat in cold storage most commonly in the freezer.

Handing the cold meat from start will reduce the chances for your meat to reduce to bad and no more get fresh.

Keep work surface clean

It goes for every other worker who needs to work under a working station, the kitchen also needs to be cleaned properly.

The same can be said for medium burger temp and handling the meat needs a clean surface to work on.

Make sure that the working space is clean from any dust or other clutter to work on your handling the meat and other elements properly.

Always wash your hands before

As a golden rule for preparing the food, always wash your hand before the start of the work. Not only that if you are preparing something which makes your hand messy, but you also need to keep ensuring that your hand remains clean and properly wash.

The main concept of washing your hands is it helps remove the germs from your hands which in return makes sure that your food is completely safe from any harmful germs.

Time required for medium burger temp

Let’s learn about how to achieve medium burger temp to prepare a burger. This is only achieved to attend how much temperature the meat patty has as per the meat which is being prepared.

We have listed down all of the temperatures which make the meat to certain degrees which in return makes the taste of your burger different.

Rare meat

This level of meat is considered most risky as it’s to a point where raw meat turns into rare meat where all the germs from the meat from the outside have been grounded to the inside.

The temperature to attend rare meat needs to be at a lower temperature level which is around 150 F degree. Providing them under 3 minutes to retain this temperature will make the burger rare meat with its special taste.

Medium rare

The color of the meat can help you visually attend to that which is the status of the meat after it has been properly cooked.

The medium-rare is attended by providing a temperature of over 130 to 135 F for over 5 minutes which ensures that the center of meat remains red and juicy overall.

The name medium ensures that the outside of the burger shows a charcoal pattern but the inside is still raw and juicy which makes the taste quite bit unique.


One of the most common temperatures used to make burgers is medium. The meat can attain medium burger temp when it’s provided at 140 to 150 F degrees for 5 minutes.

If you increase it to 155 F, the meat steak will remain with its red center and juicy from the inside. Eating a burger under this mode is surely most delicious, fulfilling, and above all juicy.

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