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What is a medium well burger and how long does it takes to cook?

Have you ever wondered what makes a burger taste delicious, although the recipe following is quite straightforward? It’s giving it enough temperature so that a medium well burger is achieved.

We have created this article to explain in detail what is a medium well burger and how long it takes to cook an amazing and juicy burger.

The color and temperature of the inside burger during cooking

One way to understand whether a medium well burger is achieved is by checking the color of the burger.

For rare temperature meat, the color of the patty is red from the center as well as from the inside, while medium-rare, is charcoal from the outside but inside it’s still juicy and red.

When talking about temperature, there are various ways to do that. Either you can use a timer that tells you how much the temperature can provide to a burger as well with the help of a thermometer.

Range of burger temperature

The burger makers might know that keeping in view the right temperature for the burger is considered the most important element during the cooking process.

Although depending on which temperature range the patty is going through, there are certain names to call out for a burger.

Let’s learn about some of the common burgers and how temperature explains their taste and presentation.

Rare burger

If someone wants a juicy burger, they should go for a rare burger. The rare burger requires around 120 F degree temperature for over 3 minutes.

The color of the patty is red from the outside as well as inside. The juice for the patty is achieved so people can enjoy it although they have to chew more since the meat is raw.

There is another derivative of rare meat when providing the further temperature of around 140 F degree so that it becomes a rare medium well burger.

Well-done burger

Talking about another extreme in cooking burgers is called a well-done burger. The well-done burger cooking requires the most time on the grill, which is around 7 minutes.

Not only the time for cooking is important but well-done burger meat requires flipping of meat more in both ways.

The meat needs to be completely cooked to get this status, and when eating, the chewing is reduced quite extremely.

Time required to cook for a medium well burger

When you are presented with a meat patty, whether it’s grounded meat or chicken breast, to achieve a medium well burger you need some time for cooking it in perfect form.

In nominal cases, around 3-4 minutes is required for the patty to attain a medium well burger. The moisture within the meat patty should be evaporated but a slightly pink color inside the patty would still be there.

How to test medium well burger

Cooking the meat is one thing, but how to check whether the temperature which is attained is the correct one.

There are various ways to test the medium well burger incorrect way. We have listed down some of the common ways to test the temperature and understand that a medium well burger is possible.

Using meat thermometer

One of the ways which are more conventional but produces the most accurate temperature for a medium well burger is through a meat thermometer.

You can test out through the thermometer to attain how much temperature has been achieved for the patty by placing it on the meat.

Keep cooking it until the temperature is maintained for around 3 minutes to acquire the best taste of the burger.

Your finger

Using your finger by placing it over the patty also works quite well. The finger will help you tell a rough idea about how much temperature has been achieved.

The temperature sensing through the finger also works quite marvelously although it’s highly important to understand that finger testing might not give you an accurate reading for the most obvious reasons.

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