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What ingredients are used for the supergrill burger?

Are you looking for some world burger around the Mosiac district in Falls Church VA? Then check out the supergrill burger for a change.

They are not only best in terms of fusion flavors but through their Peruvian origin, the taste remains paramount at every level.

Let’s learn about various ingredients used in the supergrill burger which makes the taste unique and makes people come back again and again.

Grilled chicken breast

At every burger, the main ingredients remain the meat selection. Most of the common options for the supergrill burger are grounded beef and chicken.

When opting for chicken, the main highlight of the supergrill burger is the grilled chicken breast. The flavor which is added to the chicken breast is one of a kind at every level.

Because of the Peruvian flavors through their region-bound spices, the taste makes the supergrill burger something that people can’t find in other restaurants that easily.


Tomatoes are regarded as a common ingredient used either for topping or salad selection. Tomatoes not only add a pinch of acidity but also juiciness which is best when it’s in its raw form.

As for the supergrill burger, the tomatoes are usually added only one slice, but based on the customer’s requirements added topping can be added.


For that crunchy flavor in the supergrill burger, we use lettuce or icebergs. Although there are various health benefits of consuming lettuce the texture remains the top factor that makes this vegetable used for burgers as toppings.

Yet again, since the customers are always right, the lettuce is used on different levels based on customers’ choices.

Feta cheese

Cheeseburgers are also one of the menu items provided within The Super Grill. Although most people simply add a slice of cheese at the top, The Super Grill cheese is added during the grilling of patties or chicken.

Tzatziki sauce

Just like mayo, another sauce adds the flavor of both juiciness and salty to improve the overall food flavors. The tzatziki sauce is a mixture of salted yogurt and cucumber dip.

Other ingredients are also found within the sauce mixture which includes olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and various herbs. The sauce is usually white and can be added over the grilled meat to get the juicy texture all the way.

Want to try our most flavored burgers around the Supergrill in Falls Church?

There are numerous benefits of availing the supergrill burger for a change as it’s 100% made of halal ingredients along with taste which is the main highlight of our entire palette. Make sure you visit The Super Grill around Falls Church to truly enjoy the food of your choice.

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