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What are proper way to grill a burger for amazing taste?

You might think that to prepare a burger, all you need is a stove or grill and simply grill a burger for a few minutes.

You might be able to cook the burger but to ensure that the taste remains amazing, no one can guarantee that.

For this exact reason, we have created this article to assist our readers in the best way to grill a burger to make sure that your burger taste remains the best.

Start with a clean grill

First and foremost, your grill should be clean and tidy, usually from grease. The grease cleaning might take a lot of time, but make sure to scrub it thoroughly.

The grill could be open or within a lid, all of your station as a whole should be properly cleaned to ensure that taste of the burger doesn’t get affected by any outside elements.

Ground beef for burgers

The meat that will be used for grilling most probably would be either chicken breast or beef.

If you are opting for beef, ensure it’s grounded beef for burgers. There’s no burger made whose meat is not grounded, but rather it’s known as steak burgers. Also in most cases, proper seasoning is required for the ground beef so that proper taste is ensured.

Keep the meat cold

Talking about meat, make sure that it’s not warm. The cold meat out of the freezer is mostly secured from any type of contamination one can find in meaty food.

Simply with your meat cold, prepare it with the right seasoning, and instantly put it on the grill. To grill a burger from cold meat is the best way to ensure that it doesn’t get worse even if there is more meat that needs to be properly cooked.

Don’t over mix

The grounded meat needs to be properly seasoned, although the spices should be in moderation and not over-mixed.

When we think that more seasoning means better taste, actually it comes in the way of the grilling part. All the spices get stuck over the grill and make the meat not properly cooked or overcooked in some cases.

Select the appropriate burger size

You need to select the burger size before grilling the burger in the first place. The burger size usually starts with the quantity of meat to be used for your burgers.

If you are looking for thin or smashed burgers, less meat will be used while meatier burgers or stacked burgers get more meat into the mix.

Dimple patties

When creating patties, add a dimple in between as it gives a good texture for both during the grilling period as well as when it’s prepared in the final stages.

The dimple makes the sauce to say over the burger as well as helps the cooker to identify which is the top and bottom part.

Charcoal vs gas

When it comes to which type of burning material to be used to grill a burger, it goes without saying that charcoal is always better in terms of inducing good taste.

Although when you are low on time and wanted to cook a lot of burgers, gas speeds up the process without much hassle at the same time.

Flip don’t press

If you might ask, how many times should one flip the burgers, the simple answer is more is better.

Although make sure not to press the patties as it will release out juices that oil and meat enzymes might have created within the burger.

How much should the burger grill

When talking about how much time is needed to grill a burger, the range that goes in a better sense is 2.5 minutes to 5 minutes.

The burger grilling shouldn’t take a lot of time and it must be flipped both ways equally so that both surfaces are properly grilled.

Toasting the buns

Eating a burger with cold buns doesn’t taste good, even if you manage to make perfect patties. That’s why it’s pertinent to say that toasting the buns makes them taste even better when it’s done the right way.

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