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What are common ingredients in grilled chicken burger?

Looking for a tasty grilled chicken burger? You can cook it yourself if you know the right ingredients that go into it.

This article is aimed to provide some of the common ingredients that one can find in most tasty burgers.

Although there’s the famous secret sauce that goes with each burger, which is of course different for different chefs. Let’s dive in and learn about common ingredients that one might find in a grilled chicken burger.

Chicken breast

You guessed it right, the most important part of a tasty burgers is chicken breast. It should be boneless chicken extracted from the breast side.

Depending on your servings, the quantity of chicken breast would be needed as per the requirements.

If you buy chicken breast from the supermarket, make sure it must be fresh, otherwise, we recommend to have freshly cut from the meat market.

Seasoning for Chicken

Chicken breast needs to be seasoned before it gets to the grilling part. The season is done through the combination of various spices mixed.

Talking about the common ingredient used during the seasoning process of the grilled chicken burger, we start with oil, mostly olive oil.

Then adding on proportional quantities of chili powder, Garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, and oregano will give them much-needed flavor. Then lastly, the use of salt and pepper, for taste enhancement is one of the common ingredients you can get.


Oil is used extensively in burgers, mostly during the process of seasoning and cooking the tasty burgers.

The chicken breast needs to be applied to edible oil so that it gets properly grilled. Some of the oil that you can use for this process includes coconut oil, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil, grapeseed oil, and peanut oil.


Onions are the most used vegetable in a grilled chicken burger. Firstly it’s used in seasoning in the form of onion powder. Secondly, it’s famous for toppings over the grilled chicken burger itself.

The best thing about a tasty burgers is that it takes very few vegetables to make, although onions are one of the must-haves.

Salt and Pepper

For seasoning purposes of chicken breast, salt and pepper are used extensively. But if you are looking to enhance its flavor even more, then you should add salt and pepper.

It’s also used as a topping since the entire burger cooking process requires seasoning, and topping while grilling the chicken breast on a grill, which takes most of the time short.


There are numerous ways to add cheese to your grilled chicken burger. First, which is also one of the most popular ways, add a cheese slice as a topping.

If you are looking for some melting flavor, make sure to add cheese over the grilling process. Simply adding the topping over the final stage of grilled meat will make cheese meat right on the stop.

Adding more cheese will increase its nutrition intake as well as the required punch which ensures that you have an outstanding grilled chicken burger ready.

Lettuce and Tomato

Talking about the toppings again, lettuce and tomato also go quite well with the grilled chicken burger.

If you are more looking for that crunchy feeling while eating the burger, make sure to use more lettuce as the topping. Tomato is more towards the juicy feel for a grilled chicken burger.

Garlic Mayo

Let’s talk about the sauces that usually go well with the grilled chicken burger. Ketchup is regarded as the most used, although Garlic Mayo is becoming more famous these days.

The thing about garlic mayo is that it’s watering and fulfilling when it’s filled into the burger. Eating the burger will make the mayo get overflow.

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There are a lot of great recipes out there on how to make a fantastic grilled chicken burger. Although the experience also counts since the true taste is in the hands of the chef.

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