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Types of specialty in Peruvian chicken falls church VA

When visiting top-notch restaurants for Peruvian chicken falls church VA, it’s important to find out some of the original Peruvian specialties that you can enjoy at any particular restaurant.

In this article, we will talk in detail about various species which are widely known as best-rated Peruvian dishes used all over the world.

Lomo Saltado

Every loves fusion dishes which are mostly a combination of the two regions. Lomo Saltado is also a combination of Chinese and Peru Cuisine.

The dish includes tomatoes, onions, and beef with other spices which gives color and unique flavor. Mostly this dish is regarded as a spicy one by all means.

Aji de Gallina

The Peru name for Aji de Gallina is known to be Creamy Chicken in English. This is one of such dishes that come under the specialty in Peruvian chicken falls church VA.

The dishes consist of various tastes and flavors that make the customer completely get lost in the world of texture that this cuisine has to offer.


Guinea Pig is regarded as a highly popular meat type among Peruvians. The dish Cuy is unique in the sense that it includes the Guinea pig stuffed and roasted in an open wood fire.

This dish is also served with baked potatoes that give a great aroma and unique flavor for people to enjoy to their fullest.


Among the non-meaty dishes, Causa is a combination of potato casserole which gives the impression of colorful sushi at first.

The Peruvian Potatoes are mashed properly as well as blended with lime, oil, and spicy aji amarillo sauce. Most of their non-meaty dishes are spicy as well.

Rocoto Relleno

Beef remains the top-rated meat option for most people who simply enjoy the dish to its fullest no matter how they look at it.

The filled spicy pepper includes ground beef, onions, garlic, olives, and various herbs and spices to give you a punch of flavors that we all love the most about Peruvian chicken falls church VA.

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