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Types of best burgers on the grill you should eat in Falls Church

Have you ever wondered about various types of best burgers on the grill and what makes them unique from one another?

In this article, we will go through some of the best burgers on the grill which you could try out around the Falls Church area.

Cheesesteak burger

One of the most common types of burgers and also under the list of best burgers on the grill is the cheese steak burger.

As one might realize, the cheese steak burger has cheese usually melted over the steak during the grilling stage so that one can get a taste of hot cheese when consuming the burger.

Surf and Turf burger

Everyone loves to eat burgers made from crispy texture. In surf and turf burgers, there are fried oyster layers that are added over the Cajun spice to give a great taste to the hamburger you can find around Falls Church.

Cheddar stuffed burger

Cheese is one of the main ingredients present in every best burger on the grill. The cheddar stuffed burger includes the cheese inside the steak, mostly when two layers of the burger are prepared.

BBQ sauce cheeseburger

BBQ sauce is regarded as the universal sauce which is not only spicy but has its unusual flavor used in countless other dishes.

This type of best burger on the grill includes BBQ sauce added over the steak along with a slice of cheese over the top to have a texture of both hot and creamy.

Char-grilled burgers

When you smoke grill the burger, the char gives out a prominent flavor to the steak itself which makes things more towards barbecue.

Adding cheese over the steak also makes it more delicious for most people that enjoy great taste in their palette.

Smoked cheeseburger

Most people might have consumed cheeseburgers once in a while. Although when the same burger is smoked over charcoal, the taste of the steak is different all of a sudden.

Crunch burger

The crunchy burger is only possible when the steak is covered with cornflour or another form of batter and goes through a deep frying process.

Mostly, the zinger burger which is also known as the crispy chicken burger comes under this category and is also one of the best burgers on the grill.

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