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Top places of halal burger near me in Falls Church VA

If there’s one fast-food item everyone adores is the burger. For all those people looking for delicious halal burgers near me around Falls Church VA, this article will help you identify the top ones for your reference.

One of the top benefits of learning about the names of halal burger near me in Falls Church VA list is to only land on that restaurant that offers the tastiest burgers in the market.

The Super Grill

The Super Grill is renowned for its taste and customer service. If you are an old-school person looking for some great burgers, you should try out this joint.

They offer grill burgers, sandwiches, subs, Peruvian Chicken, desserts, Tacos, chicken wings, and tenders to name a few.

All of their meat is completely halal, so you can go inside their restaurant or order online around the Falls Church Area.

Burger 7

As one can learn from the name itself, Burger 7 prime focus is burgers only. These surely hit on our top list of halal burger near me in Falls Church VA.

Talking about the menu and what to expect inside, they offer classic burgers with their designations, whether you need double stack meat or vegetable burgers, you can find them here.

If that’s not enough, you can custom make your burger by choosing a patty, bun, cheese, toppings things that go on the side with it, such as fries, wings, or onion rings.

Halal Hunan Village

Halal Hunan Village is a powerhouse of great halal cuisine you can try out around the Falls Church VA area.

Some of the menu items that Halal Hunan village offers include noodle soup, shrimps, chicken, Peking duck, and wings.

They provide fast food items such as burgers for their customers as well, so do give them a go-to completely get overwhelmed with taste explosions.

Sheesh Grill

Don’t let the name gets to you as it’s a great joint for burgers without a doubt. Sheesh Grill is originated from the middle eastern region so you’ll be right to expect great new tastes.

If you are a burger guy and simply browsing for some great halal burger near me around Falls Church VA, try their specials Chapli Kabob burger.

They also offer other varieties for your taste buds, including chicken kabob, beef kubideh, salmon kabob, beef & lamb gyro to name a few.

Silver Diner

If there’s one thing that food lovers simply love, is a powerhouse that has a variety of food available within a single counter.

First and foremost, the burger category is worthy to share. They have some amazing tastes for your buds, such as Mofongo burger, organic bison pesto burger, hickory smokehouse cheddar burger.

If you are looking to build your own, they offer meat selection, buns as well as additional toppings that you should try out for a change.

Bread and Kabob

Are you up for something simple, for your taste as well as your pocket, try out bread and kabob which is one of the halal burger near me around Falls Church VA.

They offer variety as most of the restaurants on this list, but most importantly they have burger specialties as well.

For the sandwiches category, they provide food including Kubideh Kabob sandwich, chicken sandwich, vegetarian sandwich, salmon kabob sandwich, lamb kabob sandwich, and beef kabob sandwich.

Raouche Cafe

We know that kids love burgers, and because of that, Raouche Cafe, which is an authentic Mediterranean cuisine, offers Kufta burgers.

And who can forget the good old Shawarma for a change? That includes beef shawarma and chicken shawarma for that matter.

Some other varieties include appetizers, soup, platters, and dessert to fulfill your every type of food cravings.

Z Kabob

As the name suggests, Z Kabob is all about meat and more meat. If you are in search of some great food, Z Kabob is the right place for you around Falls Church VA.

Some of the food that you’ll find in this restaurant includes Chicken sheek kabob, lamb chops, tandoori chicken, chappal kabob, chicken curry, chicken biryani, and lamb curry to include.

Big Red Halal

Are you a kabob lover by heart, you must change your bearing towards Big Red Halal restaurant which is also included within our halal burger near me restaurants around Falls Church VA?

Sandwiches sections to include Chicken gyro, falafel wraps, original gyro, simple jack, and shape kabob.

Another cuisine that you might be interested in includes Chicken rice, lamp rice, chapli kabob with rice, and a combo with different meat along with rice.

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