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The best restaurant that offers Peruvian chicken in falls church

The main highlight of Peruvian chicken is the mixture of vegetables with spices and amazing tender chicken made in slow heat. This leads to our next question, where to find the best restaurant that offers Peruvian chicken in Falls Church?

This article compiles all the best restaurants which offer amazing Peruvian chicken for visitors who are looking for great food around Falls Church.

The Super Grill

If you need to eat some amazing food around Mosaic District, make sure you head towards The Super Grill.

This restaurant is famous because of its taste and customer experience. With Rotisserie chicken and Peruvian grilled chicken among various fast food menu items, you always have your taste buds going out of this world.

Chilcanos RestoBar

The Original Peruvian flavors-inducing palette can be found around Chilcanos RestoBar. Being one of the restaurants that offer Peruvian chicken in Falls Church, the menu items provided includes a bundle of the feast.

They handle various dishes at different times of the day including breakfast, appetizers, soups, specialty dishes, seafood, chifa, and a lot of others.

La Granja De Oro

If are you looking for classic Peruvian cuisine, La Granja De Ore is the place to visit around Falls Church.

They offer various cuisine including Pascado A Lo Macho, Picante De Mariscos, Lomo Saltado, and Cocktail De Camarones among few.

When talking about chicken, La Granja De Oro offers various menu items that people can enjoy. Some of these include 1/4, 1/2, and a dark and whole chicken. Customers can eat french fries, rice, or plantains with the side of the chicken.

Super Chicken

All those people who simply love chicken food should visit Super Chicken as it’s one of the best Peruvian chicken in Falls Church.

Some of the menu items include Charcoal chicken, sub, salads, sides, and drinks to offer besides the Peruvian specialty.

Spin Pollo

Spin Pollo is another famous Peruvian chicken in Falls Church that deals in amazing chicken dishes that people can enjoy.

With all the usual fast food, Spin Pollo main specialty remains the good old Peruvian chicken that we all love to dig.

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