Contactless Delivery

Safety comes first and our utmost priority is to put your safety first. Due to the outbreak of global pandemic, we are providing contactless delivery that you can benefit from. Our rider will drop your order at your doorstep, and you can pay through online transaction to help us maintain social distancing practiced by the United States of America’s notice in consideration to Covid-19.


Get the food you want; get the food you deserve. We are delivering all over Fairfax Virginia and you can count on us for fresh and hygienic food. It doesn’t matter if you are out of change, you can always do online transaction at our website. We are dishing out some of the most creative, satisfying and flavorsome food in the town – and were doing so long before fresh deliveries became trendy.
Our food imparts modern touch with authentic recipe, whether you order a gyro, peruvian chicken or burger, there’s no holding back on flavors – the heat of salt and warmth of spices are just examples that make your crave even more!


The moment your mouth feels the flavors of our food, your mind will automatically say délicieuse with a slurp of goodness of all the spicy and juicy sauces in your food. In between the tender bites of your meal, if you still crave for some more, don’t hesitate and order again from our website because we are best Fairfax restaurant you can get!

Falls Church

Whether you want to grab a meal or you’re on a run to get snacks to satisfy your cravings, The super grill is your best bet in Falls Church, Virginia. The best in town box of food that gives you foodgasm is the one you need to fulfil your hunger attacks. If you’re looking for best Gyros, sandwiches, burgers, rotisserie chicken or even fries the Super Grill is among the best Falls Church restaurants you will come across.
Whether it’s about finding halal food near me or halal restaurants near me, 
you can count on us since we serve fresh, 100% halal and best food in town!
At our restaurant, you’ll find burgers and sandwiches that will introduce you to some of the town’s best savories to fill your tummies with. From steak and cheese sub to peruvian style chicken, the super grill menu surprises every time. Be it Philly Chicken and Cheese sub or Cheeseburger stuffed with oozing cheese, fresh vegies and toppings; or the crowd favorite peruvian style chicken, whatever you choose from the super grill’s menu, you will surely not be disappointed. Some say a plate full of fries can help ease anything, turn your depression and anxiety attacks into hunger attacks and watch your mood changing from sad to happy with our oozing cheese and scrumptious meals delivering all through Falls Church, Virginia.
This restaurant serves a simple menu too, fries and burgers but the flavors and cooked to perfection are what makes every meal satisfying to the core and functions as lifeline to many people across Falls Church, Virginia. The Super Grill’s super hit Peruvian Style Chicken boasts approachable dishes with a host of influences from the authentic recipe and fresh spices. Expect saucy goodness at The Super Grill when ordering your favorite meal, fluffier burgers, rich-subs and succulent flavors while feasting at the best restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia near me. We dig the visual delights for your Instagram perfect foodgram too!


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