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List of halal restaurants near me in Falls Church

Have you ever found the food joints by this keywords “halal restaurants near me”. This usually gets the result in terms of location from where you searched.

If you are located in Falls Church, Virginia, we have created a lot of halal restaurants near me which will surely have you grab one of them. Every restaurant that we have mentioned below has amazing food with great taste.

The Super Grill

If you want to try some Peruvian chicken and fast food, do try The Super Grill located at Falls Church.

Some of the menu items include grilled chicken, Chicken sandwich, Curry rice, crispy chicken, Tacos, desserts, and beverages.

Their main course is Peruvian chicken which can be bought in various volumes, such as quarter chicken, half chicken, or full chicken.

Bawadi Mediterranean Grill and Sweets Cafe

As the name of the restaurant sounds, Bawadi Mediterranean Grill and Sweets Cafe brings flavors from the Mediterranean and middle eastern area.

Talking about their menu, you can find some amazing halal food that includes Kufta kabob, chicken shawarma, falafel served over rice, and much more.

They also offer grilled and lamb shank which is not only meatier but tastes way delicious at the same time. Some of their special items include Mansaf, Qidra, and Kabsa which are all related to lamb meat.

Mediterranean Chicken

Finding some of the amazing halal restaurants near me, now leads us towards the Mediterranean chicken restaurant which is located at Falls Church, Virginia.

You can find all the popular menu items that usually Mediterranean folks consume including Kabob, Shawarma, and falafel.

If you are more suited for some fast food, you can find Mediterranean Chicken restaurants serving that too, with some great taste.

Fatouche Restaurant

The name Fatouche Restaurant might sound French at first, although it’s another one of the Mediterranean halal restaurants near me.

They have arranged their menu items into various categories, namely cold appetizers and hot appetizers.

Talking about main platters, we can find items such as beef shawarma, Iraqi kabob, Chicken Teka, Mixed grill, Chicken escalope, Falafel, lamb Quozi, and Dalma.

Panjshir Restaurant

If you are up from some Afghani region food, from our list of halal restaurants near me, Panjshir restaurant provides you just the thing.

Items categories are arranged avidly, starting from appetizers, soups, salad, vegetarian entrees, entrees, side orders, dessert, and beverages.

Some of the popular dishes that Panjshir restaurant offers include Kadu chalow, sabsi chalow, buranee e kachalow, banjan chalow, shalgham palow, and Quorma palow.

Halal Hunan village

No one can beat Asian and Chinese cuisine when made from halal meat. That one halal restaurant near me around Falls Church will be called Halal Hunan village.

There are a lot of dishes that you can find restaurant offer that includes lunch specials, appetizers, soup, vegetarian, chicken, beef, mutton, lamb, Thai cuisine, curry lo mein, fried rice, and chow fun.

Al-Quds Mediterranean Restaurant & Catering

Talking about some amazing halal restaurants near me in Falls Church, VA, people often get confused that where should they get to eat.

What if we tell you about a restaurant which does not only have good food but also splendid interior decoration inside their restaurant.

Al-Quds provide some amazing cuisine that must be tested by food lovers. Some of the food items include Falafel, Kafta, Musakhan, Mandi, Tajeen, and Kabsa. There’s also a variety of soup and sandwiches offered by Al-Quds Mediterranean restaurant.

Burger 7

Are you looking for some good old burgers to fill your appetite, Burger 7 is the option which is not only among our halal restaurants near me but also quite simple for people to pick one.

They provide stacked burgers for customers who are looking for great taste food, such as grilled burgers, veggie burgers, spicy chicken, and patty burgers.

Some other specialties include hot dogs, grilled cheese, potato fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, chicken wings, chicken tenders, and chicken nuggets.

Haandi Indian Cuisine

Interested to find a lot of a house full of halal restaurants near me, look no further as Haandi Indian Cuisine has it all.

Food that is not only spicy, tasty but also quite fulfilling for your appetite. Some of their popular dishes include Murga Tikka, Seekah Kabab, Sabzi Bhajiya, Murgh biryani, Matar paneer, Gosht masala, Murgh makhini, and a lot more.

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