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List of Cuisines of halal places near me in Falls Church VA

It’s not as easy as it sounds to find halal places near me in any specific location but that’s to technology, we can now find one without any hassle.

You can surely get a restaurant that is most suitable as per your need by finding with proper search keywords such as halal places near me.

If that’s the case, we have listed some of the cuisines of halal places near me in Falls Church VA. All of these restaurants are halal as well as delicious.

The Super Grill

If you are a fast-food lover and dig chicken-based meals, simply head over to The Super Grill.

The best thing about the super grill is that it offers Peruvian-style chicken on its menu, which is completely Halal.

Some of the items which can be found over the counter at The Super Grill includes grilled subs, burgers, grilled sandwich, gyro, curry rice, tenders, nuggets, wings, salad, taco, and even desserts.


The best thing about the restaurant of particularly halal places near me is that you can have amazing food which is mostly imported from other regions.

If you are in the mood of trying out some Afghani cuisine, try going to Bamian if you are around the Falls Church VA area.

They have a specialty in providing kabobs with some amazing flavors, some of the names include chopan kabob, chaplee kabob, kabob murgh, kabob gasfand, kabob dehqan, and kabob platter to name a few.

Including the kabob dish, there is various entree such as kadu chalau, chef carrayee, aushak, mantu, qaubili palau and subzi chalau.

Shinwari Grill and Hookah

There’s a saying that Pakistani and Indian food although their names sound similar but taste different. If you want an eye-opening belief in this regard, try out Shinwari Grill and Hookah place near Falls Church VA.

Talking about the menu items provided by Shinwari Grill and Hookah, you can expect meaty food such as Jalil kababi, charsi karahi, and savor pulao.

Some of the other items include appetizers such as samosa, sabzi, chole chaat, and daal. Have a special taste of sub-continent food that will surely make you return for more.


Chatpata is a name that is called spicy food in the sub-continent language. If you are craving some spicy food for a change, head towards one of such halal places near me as Chutpata around Falls Church VA.

You can surely get a lot of other dishes once you reach Chutpata restaurant, all of which are 100% halal all the way. Some of these dishes include shami kabob, chicken biryani, chicken karahi, aloo palak, chanay, and butter chicken.

For something on the side, you can try out the channa chat, dahi bhale, and samosa. Sweets within their vicinity include Gulab jaman which is surely a treat.

Arlington Kabob

For all the meaty food you can have for yourself by visiting one of such halal places near me around Falls Church VA is Arlington Kabob.

An Afghani Cuisine that has a lot of offer on the platter. Some of the dishes provided by them include chicken kabob, Gyro, lamb kabob, baklava, Chapli kabob, and lamb chops to name a few.

Although if you are up for fulfilling food, simply order a combo platter or cyro platter, which includes more than one item on the plate.

Yummy Kabob

There are various types of cuisine you can find in halal places near me around the Falls Church VA area. If you are craving Middle Eastern food, try heading out to Yummy kabob for a change.

From appetizers to Kabob, Shawarma, Soup, sandwiches, platters, extra meat, and combos, there’s everything that you require within Yummy kabob.

With all the spicy food that you can handle, it’s a place to visit surely which will ultimately make you all up for coming again and again.

Hafia Grill

There’s nothing as enough exists when you are looking for some solid food that comes under the category of halal places near me around Falls Church VA.

Hafia Grill is one of such middle eastern restaurants which offers a great deal of food that you would love to dig in.

You can also fancy some Hookah and chat with your friends in this restaurant. For large parties, they also offer catering services for their customers.

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