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Let’s Collaborate: DMV Food Reviewers, Bloggers & Influencers are Invited.


The Super-Grill is calling all DMV foodies for collaboration opportunities. If you are a Food reviewer, blogger or an influencer on IG, FB or other mediums, we need to talk!

Super-Grill is a Halal, Peruvian and American style Fast-food restaurant, located in Falls Church,va. We are happy to bring you onboard and collaborate on creative opportunities. Basically, we are trying to get the restaurant back on its feet. The Covid-19 situation badly affected the sales. To keep our employees and staff and to keep providing our delicious food to our loyal customers, we need your support.   

So, let’s collaborate!
Contact us for details: Simply DM us on IG @Thesupergrill

visit our IG Here

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