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Items that works well within super grill and breakfast

Most people might don’t consider fast food restaurants the best place to have breakfast at. Although Super Grill and breakfast have a good relationship among themselves.

The main thing for any restaurant to become the right place for breakfast as well depends on its menu items. We have listed some of the menu items that people can enjoy while visiting The Super Grill.

Steak and cheese sandwich

Cheese sandwiches offered by the Super Grill can be used as a breakfast item for most people. The best thing about this is that people can enjoy this at any time of the day, as the sandwich is surely quite lightweight when compared to other more oily food on the list.

The steak and cheese sandwich is a bit on the moderate side because steak adds the protein requirements while the cheese sandwich gives you the feeling of eating your breakfast and not going overboard at the start of the day.

Steak egg and cheese sandwich

There is various variation when going for a cheese sandwich. Above we pointed out that one of the items for Super Grill and breakfast is a grilled cheese sandwich, while in another sense, we can add steak egg along with it.

The egg is usually boiled which is placed along with steak so that your proteins with eggs and meat can both be fulfilled.

Philly chicken and cheese sandwich

When chicken thighs are used as the meat option, you can make it in such a way that it’s adequate and not too spicy with the cheese sandwich.

Finding the right time for Super Grill and breakfast seems to be just right when you ordered a chicken cheese sandwich. The chicken is made in small pieces which can also be called Philly chicken.

This part of the chicken is extracted from the thigh or breast area so that small portions are possible without any bone.

Peruvian chicken sandwich

One of the main highlights when visiting The Super Grill around Mosaic district is to try a Peruvian chicken sandwich that you can enjoy during your breakfast as well.

The chicken when marinated using Peruvian spices such as olive oil, lime juice, garlic, cumin, black pepper, dried oregano, paprika, and kosher salt.

The combination makes the chicken taste spicy and flavorful and while it is served within the sandwich format, it can be eaten as your breakfast item.

Wanted to try our top sandwich for breakfast at The Super Grill in Falls Church?

People can surely enjoy various types of dishes to their heart’s content when visiting The Super Grill and breakfast items. Make sure you visit our restaurant after 11 AM every day so that you can react to eating the time of breakfast as well.

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