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Is pollo peruano in falls church the best type of rotisserie chicken?

One of the famous rice food which is known far and wide across the States because of its unique flavor is called Pollo Peruano. We would like to suggest eating pollo peruano in Falls Church.

We will delve into various aspects of Pollo Peruano and how it remains the top dish in Peruvian cuisine.

What is Pollo Peruano?

Pollo Peruano is a rice dish that is offered with Peruvian rotisserie chicken. In most restaurants, Chicken is the main dish with which rice is offered as the side.

The combination of this food goes well with other elements, such as onions and other salads that go well with it.

Origin on Pollo Peruano

The Pollo Peruano is a dish that hailed of Spanish origin and all the ingredients used for this dish originated from Spanish lands.

But as time passes over, the area of Spain where this dish was most popular has become Peru and has now become a trademark dish for this region.

Why this dish is popular?

Because of its flavor and simplicity, many restaurants offer this dish as a compulsory menu item. Because of its ready availability, this dish becomes popular among locals and international food lovers.

Other famous Peruvian- dishes

Besides pollo peruano in Falls Church, there are other Peruvian dishes that people would love to check especially around the Falls Church area.


Ceviche is a Japanese mixed-styled Peruvian dish that includes slicing fish while adding sauces such as pureed aji amarillo and mirin into the marinada.

It’s quite a low-calorie dish that is served as a starter dish in most Peruvian restaurants which focus on amazing experiences.

Lomo Saltado

Another name for this dish is Stir fried beef which is presented with french fries. The dish is quite fulfilling because of its flavors and mixture of various textures.

Aji de Gallina

The Creamy chicken adds different forms to the palette which adds to the complexion. The creamy flavor of chicken is fulfilling, to say the least, which is why various restaurant that has pollo peruano in Falls Church also provide this dish to their customers.

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