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How to determine time to flip patties for cooking burgers on grill?

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How to determine time to flip patties for cooking burgers on grill?

One needs to understand pretty well about recommended time for cooking burgers on grill, as flipping is involved.

We have created this simple article to assist our readers how to understand the state of the parties when it’s time to flip the patties for cooking burgers on grill.

Types of flipping patties

There are various methods one adopts to flip patties. The difference comes through the surface on which the patties are being cooked in the first place.

Surface browning

One of the most basic ways to identify that it’s time to flip the patties is by checking the color of the surface of the patties so that it should turn brown.

The brown color is caused when enough cooking is done on meat and its raw state is changed into the medium.

Color from inside

Some people might identify the color from the inside of the patties as there where things get tricky.

The patties from inside are possible if you have put out the patties and cross-section the patties to check the color from inside.

When going for raw patties for your burger, the color from the inside should be pinky red, otherwise, it should be brown as one expects from the surface.

Preferred juicy over crispy

To ensure that cooking burgers on grill are done as per your preference, it’s up to the cooker to select whether you need to serve juicy over crispy burgers.

For juicy, you need to cook patties and flip them in around 2.5 to 5 minutes. When going for crisp, the seasoning is changed and it’s deep-fried instead of grilled. Mostly this goes well for chicken breast.

Types of meat and their time for cooking

Talking about the time below we have explained about various grounded meat and how much temperature is needed for them to perfect cooking burgers on grill.


Rare burgers get ready when the temperature reaches 125 degrees, which can be attained for around 2.5 minutes. Make sure to flip after 1 minute.

Medium Rare

Medium rare takes 130 degrees and cooking time for around 3 minutes with equal flipping intervals of 1.5 minutes.


Medium burgers are regarded as one of the trickier since the timing should be exact, which is 3.5 minutes. Flipping also needs to be equal on both sides.

Well done

If you are looking for well done, just give you patties to keep cooking for 5 minutes. Make sure that the color changes to light brown.

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