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How to determine steak grill time to ensure its cooked properly?

The steak grill time is what people are in search of every time there’s something about grilling steak comes into discussion.

For this article, we have listed various type of grill and their allocated temperature and time which explains in depth why it’s important to follow the timing in its proper form.

Also, another thing to note is that for steak, neither is should be in a raw form or overcooked, so temperature along with time also plays a major role.


The best thing about calculating the temperature is through temperature and for cooking time we could have a cooking timer.

Rare steak grill time should be around 8 minutes and the temperature for around 125-130 F so that the meat remains rare at the end of the cooking.

Medium Rare

Medium rare steak is considered one of the most popular steaks that people find to eat for themselves.

The temperature which makes any steak medium rare is around 130-135 F and steak grill time is for 9 minutes.


The color of medium steak can be identified when it turned from very pink to light pink. The meat is going towards brownish color, although make sure the pinkish color doesn’t get fully diminished when it comes to medium steak.

The medium steak grill time is around 10 minutes with the temperature of 135-140 F degrees so that it turns just little pink over the inside.

Medium Well

Medium well is not regarded as rare or a category of juicy. As some people what their steak to be cooked completely.

The medium well steak grill time is around 11 minutes and the temperature is over 140-150 F degrees.

Well done

Well done is the overcooked steak although most people who don’t want to experience anything other than overcooked will enjoy this format.

Well done steak grill time is over 12 minutes with a temperature of 155 F degree and above. This ensures that the final taste is up to the mark.

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