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How to cook pan fried hamburgers using stove?

There might be times when you need to cook pan fried hamburgers using the stove, although most prefer cooking over the grill.

If that’s the case, check this article, which will explain in detail how to go ahead and good your favorite burgers using the stove.

Find the best quality meat

First and foremost, you need to get your hands on quality meat for grounded patties. This is can be done whether picking from a supermarket or farmers’ market.

The grounded meat should be shredded in the shop rather than done by yourself, as you most probably don’t have effective equipment to do that.

Transform into a well-formed patty

Through that grounded meat, you need to form the patty which is well formed and consistent when cooking more than one pan fried hamburgers.

All of these steps have nothing to do with grilling or through the stove since it’s regarded as the most basic to ensure that you create top-level pan fried hamburgers.

Keep beef cold

The meat mustn’t be left out at room temperature, as it will develop contamination, which will ruin the taste and might risk you food poisoning.

When you are about to cook pan fried hamburgers at one later stage, store the patties inside the freezer, and only put it out when you are about to cook.

Add seasoning

Make sure to add season over your patties, such as sauce, salt, and pepper, so that it adds a more unique taste.

Seasoning shouldn’t be overdone as it will increase the trouble during the cooking of pan fried hamburgers using the stove.

Preheat pan

The pan must be preheated to over 375 degrees before, which might take 5-10 minutes before. Don’t put the patties on the cold pan as it will ruin everything.

Once it’s heated for 5 minutes, put some teaspoon of olive oil over the pan and see whether the smoke is started to get over.

Toast buns

After you have successfully cooked the patties, make sure to toast the buns as well. As there’s no better way to toast the buns rather than through a stove pan.

Add cheese

Adding cheese will only increase its flavor as well as ensure that your burger gets tastier and creamy. During grill, you can add cheese over the patties cooking, although, for a pan, you can’t do that.

Types of meat used in pan fried hamburgers

People simply love to eat amazing pan fried hamburgers, although they might have not known that there are more than one types of meat that can be used to prepare it.

We would like to discuss this department more for our readers which will help them understand how chefs prepare the pan fried hamburgers using various types of meat available out there.

Chuck steak

When talking about beef meat used in pan fried hamburgers, the most popular type of beef is chuck steak.

The primary cut that this part provides is very juicy and can be easily grounded to form patties for pan fried hamburgers.

With a decent lean-to-fat ration, the chuck steak remains the best choice for the chef of they are going for burgers.

Sirloin or Tri-Tip

Continuing about beef meat areas, the Sirloin is a lean-cut steak that has an amazing amount of flavors.

Because of its lean-to-fat ratio which is over a larger area, the meat is more than normally juicy and tasty.

If someone is looking to eat a burger that is juicier and has a lot of calorie intake, they should try the Tri Tip lean steak area.


Let’s talk about a portion that is found in most pan fried hamburgers around the world, and that meat is Round.

It is an inexpensive area and focuses more on the protein-to-fat ratio for your lean burgers. The burgers made from this meat can be single or stacked depending on the requirements of consumers.


A distinct flavor area of beef that yields amazing burgers, brisket seems to lead a lot of points in ensuring that people enjoy this part to their heart’s content.

As brisket is mainly popular with high content of fat around the area, the burger made through this part is simply amazing for everyone to eat

Boneless short rib

Another moist part of the beef used to make amazing burgers is boneless short ribs. There’s no surprise on it as ribs remain the best meat source for barbecue and steak purposes, why can’t it be perfect for pan fried hamburgers as well?

When you are looking for a juicy and moist burger, you know that short boneless rib area is the one that you are looking for.

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