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How long does it takes for grilling bbq chicken in oven?

The most household doesn’t have the luxury to grill bbq chicken in their back gardens. Although you can have the same flavor of grilling bbq chicken in oven as well.

But the main question besides the menu is how much time it takes because no one wants to wait a lot for the chicken to eat. This article is aimed to answer all your question regarding grilling chicken.

Line baking sheet with foil

First and foremost you need to line a baking sheet with foil over our grilled bbq chicken in oven.

The thing about oven is that it heats the entire surface as well as the oven, but for the grill, you need to make sure that flavor doesn’t get lost by overcooking the chicken.

With place baking sheet with foil under the cooking surface, you will direct all heat to the base of the chicken instead of all over.

Season chicken

The grilled chicken whether it’s cooked outdoors over a grill or inside an oven needs to be properly seasoned.

Salt, pepper, garlic, and bbq sauce will surely add up a pretty good seasoning for your grilled chicken.

The seasoning part of chicken should be done using cold meat as meat that is bearing room temperature might get contaminated.

Crack up the heat in your oven

We first need to set up our oven at the proper temperature so that our bbq chicken in oven is cooked as we intended.

The temperature of the oven should be around 170 degrees so that it doesn’t get a lot of juices out of the meat itself.

Time for cooking grilled chicken

The grilling of bbq chicken in oven must be done for a particular time. With the oven as your selected tool, you can’t observe the chicken like you can on an outdoor grill.

Set the time for cooking bbq chicken in oven around 15 minutes as there will be time needed for the chicken to get promptly cooked inside the oven.

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