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Everything you need to know about grill chicken in oven

grill chicken in oven | the super grill

Everything you need to know about grill chicken in oven

Did you know that you can also cook grill chicken in oven? Although it’s a bit different from the one you cook outdoors using a grill.

We have created this brief article for our readers to explain how you can cook grill chicken in oven without any hiccups.

Cook chicken over a baking sheet

To ensure that grill chicken in oven is done perfectly, try to cover it with a baking sheet. The parties must be given some shield that controls the total temperature effectively.

The baking sheet also ensures that all chicken gets a consistent temperature and that the grilled effect is ensured.

Add chicken drumsticks

With the chicken breast that usually is the selection for grill chicken in oven, you can also add drumsticks for variation.

The best thing about selecting chicken as the main meal is you can choose wings, drumsticks, thighs, and breasts all with their specialty addition.

Add a variety of thick tomatoes with mustard sauce

Don’t forget to spice up your grill chicken in oven by adding tomato and mustard sauce. The mustard will add spice to it while tomato flavor enhancement.

The oven is a great place to induce flavors while its smoke adds up to the meat in the controlled environment.

Ensure to marinate the chicken

Start by marinating the chicken which is only used to give more flavor to the chicken. A tasty chicken is always one that has more flavors added to it.

Some sauces that go well with marination are salt, pepper, garlic paste, barbecue sauce, and liquid smoke.

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