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Easy to follow guide for the best way to grill steak

People who are looking for a guide that’ll help them with the best way to grill steak have finally landed on the correct source.

We will explain some of the easy-to-follow tips which help you to ensure that your grill steak is properly cooked and the taste of the grill itself is considered one of the best you can find.

Remove steak from refrigerator 20 minutes before grilling

Firstly, the steak meat should be stored in a cool place at all costs. The meat when kept in a warm place will have an increased chance to add more bacteria to the meat itself.

So one of the best ways to grill steak is to always take out the steak 20 minutes from refrigerators as the steak needs some time to get to room temperature but not warm.

Heat your grill to high temp

The grilling without any meat inside should be heated to a high temperature. First and foremost you need to make the grill properly active so that it can take steak into its surface.

The flame source should be turned to its full limit as fire will make the grill with a temperature of around 250 C, considered one of the most optimal temperatures to follow the best way to grill steak.

Marinate chicken and leave it for 15 min

Every meat needs to be marinated. The marination spices differ as per your requirements, although every marination needs to be before grilling starts.

The chicken when get marinated should be left for 15 minutes. Either you can close the meat into a container to secure them from outside bacteria or place it inside the refrigerator.

Place steam at top of the grill

When grilling the meat over the grill, always have some space between the source and the grill itself.

What makes the chicken cook is the steam which is produced from the grill itself and not direct heat itself.

Flip steak after 4-5 minutes

When cooking the steak, you need to flip it after 5 minutes max. To make sure that the best way to grill steak is ensured the flipping needs to be made only once.

Most people make the mistake of flipping the chicken more than once, which gets the meat overcooked and has reduced juices stored within the meat itself.

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