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Easy guide for medium well burger temp and grilling

After reading this blog, you will have all the information needed to attain medium good burger temp through grilling.

It’s important to understand how some of the best burger brands can do it and produce such an amazingly tasty burger.

It’s all about the meat temperature that they have cooked through grilling. A bit of talent is needed to achieve this feat, which is explained in this article.

Have everything ready

First and foremost, before going into the cooking part and achieving medium good burger temp, it’s important to have everything ready.

We have listed below all of the important things needed to ensure that you are cooking the burger in the right way and attain the top-class taste of your burger that you intended.


A burger thermometer is a specialized thermometer that provides you exact degrees of your patties.

This is needed because there is some temperature that needs to be constant for around a few minutes for your burger to get medium good burger temp.

Having the thermometer is essential to have to make the burger that top brands used to make.


The grill itself is also quite obvious to have because without a grill you are unable to cook your meat the correct way.

A grill can be powered either by charcoal or gas, either way, the important part is to attain the best medium-well burger temp at the end of the day.

What kind of burger do you want?

After having all the equipment with you, the next big question that you must ask yourself is what type of burger you are looking for.

There are more than one of course, but in short, it can be categorized into two ones, thin burgers, and meatier burgers.

Thin burger

As the name suggests, these are the burgers that have a small portion of meat in between. The small portion of meat means you have to cook it for a lesser duration.

Thin burgers are also called smashed burgers, which are usually made from 80% of lean ground beef, at the same time providing a lot of flavors.

Meatier burger

If you are going with the most popular burgers in the market, with a lot of types, it’s called the meatier burgers.

As it’s all about the grounded meat and how much portion it has been used, the meatier burgers use as much portion as you want, while stacking them in a patty to increase their size even more.

What’s USDA recommended temperature?

After understanding all the meat and tools for the right cooking, there’s something you have to understand regarding the right temperature.

For grounded meat, the United States Department of Agriculture recommends having 160 to 165 degrees as a minimum.

This temperature offers you the flavor of medium well burger temp without making it over burned as well as removing all the contamination on the meat at the same time.

Although if you are thinking of various other meat types that go well in a burger, we have explained them below.

Medium rare

The temperature range for medium-rare is 130 to 135 degrees. Another identification for medium-rare is the color of the burger, which is usually the red from the middle.


The recommended temperature for medium burgers is 140 to 145 degrees. It is also one of the most sought-after selections of burgers in the market after the medium well burger.

Medium well

Medium well burgers are the best temperature that offers real juicy flavors possible around 160 to 165. Based on the amount of grounded meat used during grilling, the thermometer can provide a much better picture of the meat and how much more it needs to be cooked to attain medium-well.

How long do you cook burgers?

Another important aspect to ensure that you are cooking the best medium-well burger temp is how long it needs to be cooked in the first place.

To answer this quickly, we need to have around 2 to 5 minutes of cooking time for your patty over the grill, although much depends on the thickness of the patty itself.

Make sure to make it even more dazzling, add some cheese over the meat to melt over the patty before placing it over the buns.

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