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Discover 10 best halal food places near me in Virginia

Looking for halal food places near me might have prompted you to visit this article. As the prime purpose of this blog post is to showcase the best halal food places near me in Virginia.

Take a look at our list which not only provides halal food places near me but also some amazing food for your taste buds for which you will be surely left out mesmerized with all the food you need to eat today.

The Super Grill

If you are one of those people who adore Fast Food, you should visit The Super Grill.

At the super grill, you’ll find some amazing items on their menu including Peruvian chicken, sandwiches, burgers, grilled chicken, salad, tenders, chicken wings, and nuggets.

The main point coming at the Super Grill is the taste, and if you are a sucker for some good tasty burgers and chicken made with Halal meat, do drop in their restaurant around Virginia.

Cafe Rice and Kabob

There’s a long list of food items you might find around Cafe Rice and Kabob restaurants around Virginia.

As the name suggests, they provide some good old Mediterranean-based cuisine to enjoy. The items you’ll find here includes appetizers including hummus, bolanee, Falafel, and Sambosa.

Talking about their main entrees, you can find Kofta kabab, lamb kabob, Chicken curry, and Cyro platter. With all of the meaty options at your disposal, you can enjoy their platter to your heart’s content.

Eerkin’s Uyghur Restaurant

If you are around Virginia state and looking for some Chinese-based halal places to eat near me, you must try out Eerkin’s Uyghur Restaurant.

Some of the menu that they offer includes Samsa, Uyghur Salad, Falafel, Baba Ghanoush. Talking about the main course, they serve a variety of cuisine including Uyghur chicken kebab, pot pie (kordak), roasted quails, chop fried soman, and Gyro laghman.

They are a robust eatery that provides halal places to eat near me around Virginia. They provide tea that is not only aromatic but also healthy. Eerkin’s Uyghur Restaurant also offers catering services.

Paradise Biryani Pointe

People sometimes want some good old biryani, which is a rice dish originating from the Sub-continent region.

If you are around Virginia and looking for the best quality halal places to eat near me, take a look at Paradise Biryani Pointe. They offer a large variety of biryani that includes chicken kabab dum biryani, avakai chicken dum biryani, Gongura chicken biryani, goat dum biryani, and a lot more.

They provide other dishes within their menu items as well, such as appetizers, tandoor, kabab, desserts, seafood main course, nonveg, and veg main courses.

Grill Kabob

As the name suggested Grill Kabob is regarded as a Mediterranean region-based cuisine. A 100% Halal Restaurant where you can enjoy kabob of various flavors.

The food includes in their menu includes chicken kabob, kobeeda kabob, lamb kabob, veggie kabob, and beef kabob.

Some other dishes that grill kabob include beef kabob sandwiches, beef and chicken salad, a falafel platter, and a vegetarian platter.

The Halal Guys

Some restaurant has made their name out as one of the best halal places to eat near me, Virginia. One such restaurant includes The Halal Guys.

When regarding its menu items, they provide classic Mediterranean food for its customers. Some of the items include Hummus, Falafel, baklava, Beef gyro sandwich, falafel sandwich, and combo sandwich.

Charcoal Chicken – Pakistani & Indian Cuisine

Let’s talk about that restaurant that offers a great list of menu items for their customers, which is also regarded as 100% Halal.

Charcoal chicken includes the most famous dishes that you can find in Pakistani & Indian Cuisine. Some of their menu items include Chapli kabab, Lahori style fish, Tandoori chicken (charcoal), Chicken tikka, chicken tikka masala, Punjabi murgh cholay, Peshawari choley, saag aloo, and chicken biryani.

Petra Grill

If you are all up for some delicious cuisine presented to you all from the Mediterranean region, you need to visit Petra Grill in the Virginia region.

They regard themselves as halal places to eat near me, as they provide items including Hummus special, Falafel platter, Kebbeh platter, Zaatar with cheese, Kabobs, Petra platter, and a lot more.

Royal Palace Kabob

It’s quite important to point out that most of the popular halal places to eat near me belong to the Asian and Mediterranean regions.

Royal Palace Kabob is also such a restaurant with a palate that includes some good picks from the Asian region.

They include chicken tenders, grill kabob, Bihari tikka, Prawn kabob, Chapli kabob, royal sizzlers, Lamb biryani, and lamb karahi. They also provide fast food such as burgers, sandwiches, and wraps all with halal ingredients.

Sorrento Grill

Around the Virginia region, there are a lot of restaurants that you can check out specifically if you are looking for some halal places to eat near me.

Sorrento Grill follows in the footstep of the Mediterranean region. You’ll find dishes that include hummus, Tabbouleh salad, Salad, sampler, Grilled portobello mushroom platter, grilled chicken breast, falafel wraps, and grilled kabob.

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