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Different types of cuts for bbq steak

When people talk about steaks, one thing usually comes to mind, which type of cut is that steak is. Steak cut is the beef part that is consumed as food. Let’s learn which bbq steak usually people enjoy.

We have to whip up a list for our readers that explains about different types of cut for bbq steak and what benefit does these cut has.

Chuck eye steak

When looking for rich flavor, you should try out chuck eye steak as your bbq steak. This part is extracted from the front part of the cow so it’s tender for grilling.

This part of the meat is completely boneless and can be cooked over the grill either using a gas-powered grill or a charcoal grill.

Ranch steak

For people looking for the affordable steak to enjoy, ranch steak is the right option by far. This is a boneless part that comes from the neck area of the cow.

The ranch steak similar to a chuck steak can be grilled and broiled for people. As for bbq steak, the best option for you is to go for grilling.

Flat iron steak

Flat iron steak as the name suggests is small-sized meat that can be used in a variety of dishes specially made for steak.

This flat iron steak can be stir fry, roasted baked, pan broilskillet, grilled, and skillet to oven. For whipping up bbq steak, the best option should be the grill.

Strip steak

If you are wondering where the large pieces of meat come from in a cow, the lion is a boneless section of a cow from where strip steak originates.

It’s very tender hence it can be cooked through a grill or pan broilskellet depending on your recommendation. The bbq steak is best suited when cooked through the grill.

T bone steak

If there’s one popular part of steak you might have seen or even eaten before it’s T-bone steak.

It contains one T-bone and comes from the Lion part of the cow which is tender, extremely easy to cook and enjoy with various sauces like bbq.

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