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Complete guide to prepare baked bbq chicken breast

Cooking chicken breast on a grill and stove might have been common for most of us, although there’s also a possibility for baked bbq chicken breast.

We have created a simple guide for our readers where they can understand about preparing baked bbq chicken breast.

Preheat oven to 375 degree

To prepare baked bbq chicken breast, you will need an oven as your cooking station. Start with cleaning the oven properly and ensuring that there’s no contamination inside the oven.

Once the oven is properly cleaned, ensure that it’s preheated to 375 F because only then you will ensure that you have a steady head setup and not heat that first goes up from zero.

Season chicken

The chicken should have all the right seasoning which one expects when cooking grilled chicken.

Some of the famous seasoning spices include salt, pepper, garlic, and bbq sauce. Season the chicken and then wait for the chicken to absorb the sauces at room temperature.

Add BBQ sauce and bake

The most important sauce for baked bbq chicken breast is the bbq sauce, which needs to be spread properly with water.

For cooking only bread, flip over the mixture sauce or bbq with the breast and then bake it inside the oven.

With the oven properly preheated, place the chicken breast under the baking foil and turn on the temperature to around 320 F for 5 minutes.

Flip, wait, and repeat

After the timer hits 0, try flipping the breast and set up the oven for 5 minutes again. Make sure to repeat this at least twice.

The chicken usually takes more time in baking than when grilled directly into the line of fire, but a taste for baked chicken is also considered one of the most delicious ones.


Finally, eat up the baked bbq chicken breast with side dishes such as potato or salad and enjoy the chicken with bbq flavor.

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