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best halal food near me with spicy food around Fairfax VA

Sometimes people simply want to try some spicy food. And there’s no better spicy food when checking out the best halal food near me.

One of the best reasons to opt for the best halal food near me is that the food that they offer is usually a fusion of different regions around the world with their taste.

For our readers, we have listed some of the best halal food near me that offers spicy food around the Fairfax Virginia region.

The Super Grill

First and foremost, if you are looking for some great taste of fast food and Peruvian chicken for a change, simply head towards The Super Grills.

The Menu items that The super grill offers include Grilled chicken burgers, sandwiches, gyros, chicken wings, chicken tenders, Peruvian Chicken, and other side dishes.

Most of the dishes that they offer are spicy and had an amazing taste so that you can fill up your belly without anyone stopping which includes bad taste food.

Asian Joint – Thai Halal Cuisine

If you want a restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes, Asian Joint Thai Halal Cuisine can be selected for that very reason.

As the name suggests that Asian Joint is more focused on Asian cuisine that includes appetizers including wontons, spring rolls, fried tofu, and fried shrimps rolls.

Talking about the entrees dishes for this best halal food near me, Asian Joint offers Lo Mein, Potak fried rice, Crab meat fried rice, Singaporean Noodles, Pad see Ew, and Gen Tso’s chicken.

Mim’s Food – Uyghur Cuisine

One of the best things about fusion-based best halal food near my restaurants that is they are packed with various sections for you to try out some amazing food.

Mim’s Food is Uyghur Cuisine which focuses on some amazing flavors for your taste buds. Some of the food that they offer includes Chuchure, stemmed egg noodles, Mim’s burger, lamb skewer, braised whole fish, and red chili chicken.

If you are more looking for some vegetarian dishes, Mim’s food also includes spicy tofu, eggplant in spicy sauce, and baby bok choy with garlic.

The Halal Guys

Let’s discuss one of the more popular best halal food near me whose branches are spread out across Virginia. The Halal Guys are a restaurant that provides meaty dishes made from 100% halal ingredients.

Including the menu items from The Halal Guys, you can find beef gyro platter, chicken platter, chicken sandwich, falafel sandwich, and combo platter.

Some of the appetizer food The Halal Guys provides are baba Ghanoush, Hummus, Falafel, baklava, and fries. You can also get some sweet desserts such as chocolate chip cookies to calm your spicy senses.


Kiroran, an Uyghur cuisine offers a great number of sections and dishes for you to choose from if you are located around the Fairfax VA area.

Start from the appetizers offered by Kiroran includes tiger salad, Samsa, layer meat pie, and fungus salad.

As for Kiroran special dishes, you can find lamb chop with soup, pepper chicken, meat burger, uyhyar’s polv, and Kiroran spicy chicken.

Kabob Corner

As the name suggests, the Kabob is mostly imported from the Mediterranean area usually from Turkey, Afghan and Indian.

Kabob Corner has a variety of meaty dishes at your disposal, some of which as per their menu items include boneless chicken, kubideh kabob, lamb kabob, deluxe kabob, beef kabob, fish kabob, veggie kabob, and super deluxe kabob.

If you are interested in trying some entree dishes from the best halal food near me around Fairfax VA, trying checking out Palau kabob, super platter, Mantu, and Afghan carrayee

Grill Kabob Express

Keeping the culture alive for kabob dishes, there’s another restaurant considered as best halal food near me around Fairfax VA, with the name Grill Kabob Express.

From their menu items, some of the food you can try out in this restaurant includes Manto, Sambosa, Ashak, Bolani, Chicken Tikka, Lamb tikka, beef tikka, Chicken kobidah, Sultani Kabob, Kabob barge, and Veggie kabob.

If you are looking for some good old curry special from Grill kabob express, they offer chicken karahi and lamb karahi. They also offer sandwiches, salad, dessert, and side dishes.

King Kabob Restaurant

King Kabob restaurant as the name suggests is a powerhouse that includes a variety of dishes for customers that has a niche of heavy meaty dishes.

Some of the food section includes king kabob restaurant includes appetizers, salad, king specialty platter, king karahi, karahi combination, vegetarian delight, king sandwiches, sandwiches, side orders, and desserts.

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