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Best 7 halal places to eat near me around Fairfax VA

If you find yourself around Fairfax VA and wanted some crunch time, we have listed the 7 best halal places to eat near me.

This list includes only halal restaurants so that you can enjoy some Asian and American cuisines of great flavor.

Let’s dive into the restaurant and learn about what they offer for their dine-in customers, and enjoy to your fullest.

The Super Grill

From burgers, tacos, sandwiches, and gyros, the super grill has all the best items for you. If you want some rice and curry, they serve chicken curry, chicken palak, and teriyaki.

The Super Grill comes under one of the best halal places to eat near me with great taste and presentation of food around Fairfax VA.

It’s not hidden from someone that food needs to be well presented along with its taste in order to attract a customer in numbers. Plus the Super Grill is also engaged in providing catering services for their customers.

Yayla Bistro

As the name suggests, Yayla Bistro is a Turkish-origin Halal restaurant where you can find a variety of cuisine that suits you well.

They maintain a special place as one of the halal places to eat near me since they provide fresh food, delicious and above all, most healthy.

Talking about the menu items available within their restaurant, they provide lunch and dinner including soup, spreads, mezzes, pita wraps, entrees, salads, grilled, pideler, kids menu, and platter.

Kazan Restaurant

Kazan restaurant offers a huge array of dishes for their customers. Some of the menu items include grilled sucuk, manca, falafel, crudites, drunken calamari, and fire-roasted king prawn.

As it’s considered one of the halal places to eat near me around Fairfax VA, you surely get some excellent cuisines around this restaurant.

With a great level of presentation of food and excellent staff to serve you, it’s definitely a place worth checking out.

Mazadar Kabob

If you are interested in some fresh and halal food for your day, Mazadar Restaurant is just the right restaurant if you are around Fairfax VA.

They provide cuisine with origins from mazadar sampler, boriyani banjan, baba ganoush, chicken samosa, meat mantu appetizer, and falafel.

With all the tasty menu items available in Mazadar Restaurant, you can really enjoy your stay here with some good food on your plate.

Anatolian Bistro

Anatolian Bistro is considered a Mediterranean restaurant that offers some amazing cuisine for its customers.

If you are a food lover and looking for halal places to eat near me around Fairfax VA, check out the huge variety that Anatolian Bistro offers.

Some of their menu items include Soups, Appetizers, like dolma, cacik, haydari, and entrees with a lot of meat.

Istanbul Blue Restaurant

As the name suggests, Istanbul Blue Restaurant has brought some amazing tastes from Turkey country around Fairfax VA.

You can find a menu including Cigari Borak, Patlican salad, falafel, Istanbul blue platter, baba ganoush, imam bayildi, Lahmacun, and doner pide.

For meaty entrees, check out their hunkar begendi, musaka, salmon fillet, adana sandwich, kofte kebob, lamb chops, and beef shish kebob.

Lebanese Taverna

Talking about some amazing halal places to eat near me around Fairfax VA, try out the Lebanese Taverna includes a great taste for your taste buds.

The menu is the main feature that you might look for in any restaurant. Lebanese includes some amazing dishes which include Hummus, Mezza fries, Shawarma, Chicken samosa, Shakshouky, and mehshi.

Make sure you try their Salad as well and sandwiches if you want some quick food with great taste.

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