Serving the best halal cuisine to create the perfect plate for your palate.

Super Grill is a Halal-certified restaurant known for its delectable flavors that will completely satisfy your taste buds. We bring you a menu unlike any other, with everything from a quick fix of tacos or sandwiches to rotisserie chicken cooked to perfection and served piping hot to you.

At Super Grill, you are invited to have a super food experience unlike any other in town, one that will leave a mark in your stomach and lead to your heart.

Indulge In A Luscious Feast

Just like DMV Foodie Crew found our menu absolutely delectable, enjoy the premium taste yourself too

Our Quality

Rotisserie Whole Chicken

Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken is a flavour explosion of marinated, juicy, and crispy-skinned roasted chicken.

Our Quaity


With a single burger patty, you will get a cheesy, juicy, and piping hot burger with flavours that melt in your mouth.

Our Quaity

Chicken vindaloo

Boneless chicken served with green jalapeno, potatoes cooked with vinegar and hot curry sauce served with rice and bread.

We guarantee

Our taste will blow you away

If you need to find Peruvian around your neighborhood that offers not just premium taste but is certified Halal, Choose from our menu and place an order right away.