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A simple to follow guide for bbq chicken recipe

Interested to prepare some tasty chicken for yourself? What you need is a special bbq chicken recipe to follow.

This article explains easily how to proceed with the following bbq chicken recipe so that at the end of the session, you’ll come up with absolutely delicious food.

Select between charcoal or gas

The first thing to consider for the bbq chicken recipe is which type of heating setup will you go for? This is not something you should take lightly as either opting for charcoal or gas-powered grill apply effects on its flavor.

We would recommend going for charcoal as it has a smoky flavor which is regarded as the main ingredient for anything that has to do with bbq.

If you can’t find any charcoal to follow this bbq chicken recipe, the gas-powered grill can also work effectively.

Marinade chicken properly

Your chicken will get the flavor of bbq through its marination process. You need to whip the chicken completely with bbq sauce and put it for marination.

The chicken will absorb the flavor of bbq which will only then be setup to put on the grill for cooking purposes

Add sauce for extra spice

Depending on your taste and how spicy chicken you prefer, go ahead and add some additional sauces during its cooking.

Either you can add spices during its marination or add them when you are about to serve. During grilling, you can’t put spics as this stage is only valid for cooking the chicken through oil.

Cook over grill until color change

When opting for grilling, make sure you set up with two plate format as the plate above the heating source will transfer equal heat to all chicken.

Consistency is very important to consider following the bbq chicken recipe and ensure that your chicken turns out pretty good.

One way to check whether your chicken is not overcooked, see its color. If it’s changing into light brownish, this means it’s getting ready.

Double check it by inserting a fork over the meat to observe how easily the fork penetrates the meat.

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