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8 best places for outdoor dining in mosaic district

Everyone like at outdoors time and again, although some offer but some don’t. We have listed our top restaurant lists with outdoor dining in mosaic district.

The Super Grill

The Super Grill is known because of its Peruvian cuisine, along with its amazing taste. They offer fast food, chicken steak, and a lot of flavors in their rotisserie chicken.

If you want to enjoy food that is piping hot, spicy, and most satisfying in the outdoors, The Super Grill has options for that as well.

True Food Kitchen

With various dishes available on their palette, True Food Kitchen is regarded as one of our lists to offer outdoor dining in mosaic district.

Talking about menu items, they provide salad, pizza, burgers, entrees, desserts, and much more. If you have an appetite, it’s a good place to hang out.


It’s a place where you find fusion food originating from different areas of the world. Whether it’s tacos, falafel, tatako, or pork belly, Bartaco has it all.

Being one of the top-rated restaurants with outdoor dining in mosaic district, it surely gathers a lot of attraction around this region.

B Side

From brunch to lunch and happy hour, the B Side is an unusual restaurant that focuses on chatting among friends, hanging out, and simply enjoying your time at their joint.

With different categories of dishes to choose from, B Side surely gathers a lot of heat during buy hours, especially lunch and brunch timings.

Alta Strada

A name that is quite well known in the United States, Alta Strada has a branch around the Fairfax area as well. From items of brunch, lunch, and dinner, people can choose some great items with the option to eat outdoors at the same time.


If you are hungry and looking for some amazing food that you can share with your like-minded friends, Matchbox is surely the right place you can check out which also offers outdoor options.


Who wouldn’t like good food which is presented indoors as well as outdoor dining in mosaic district? CAVA has a lot to offer if you have an appetite and looking for amazing food around lunch and dinner timings.

Oath Pizza

Pizzas that are made from fresh ingredients and have a flavor of homemade cannot be beaten at any time and age.

Oath Pizza can crack the code in fine dining as it understands how important it is to become one of the restaurants that offer outdoor dining in mosaic district along with some amazing food.

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