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7 steps for grilling the perfect burger on a gas stove

Many people only consider having the best burgers made over the grill only. Although when following the steps provided by top chefs, you can also get going with grilling the perfect burger over the gas stove.

We have created this article to assist our readers in the following process to ensure that grilling the perfect burger is possible using a gas stove as the source.

Ground meat into small chunks

First and foremost, the meat that you get for your grilling burger needs to be properly grounded from the start

The ground meat should be ground into small chunks as heat is better to transfer to the small-sized meat rather than the meat of larger size for the change.

Do dimple on patties

Having grilling the perfect burger which looks only good on the outside but also the inside, try to make it evenly for meat patties.

Use your hands when making patties especially press the thumb over the top so that dimples around the surface.

Warm pan

The pan needs to be properly warmed before placing the paddies over the grilling of the perfect burger.

When operating the gas stove, the first and most important step to follow is to use a proper utensil, such as a pan, as it helps temperature to be distributed equally.

Increase heat to higher

The heat needs to be applied at higher degrees as the pan needs to be applied proper temperature so that the patties are properly grilled with the best flavor.

Listen for the sizzling sound

When cooking the patties, the sound needs to be heard also as it’s one of the important criteria for grilling the perfect burger on the stove pan.

A sizzling sound will ensure the cooker that the temperature has reached every part of the patty, and that meat is making properly.

Flip when color changes

The flipping needs to be done after 5 minutes and only once when the color changes of the patties.

The color changes every time after a particular time and having a thermometer will further prove to be an effective indicator that flipping needs to be followed effectively.

Don’t overcook

The last thing that every cooker needs to do when grilling the perfect burger is to overcook the patties.

Most people will be compelled to cook the meat more whenever preparing the patties over the stove pan, but the temperature needs to take care of at all times.

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