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7 experts advise preparing burgers on the grill

Preparing burgers on the grill is not an easy feat. Most people might think that making burgers is child’s play, so why some gourmet burgers are sold at such a high cost?.

This article will explain some of the expert opinions when going for burgers on the grill made most effectively.

Take time in selecting your beef

Finding the right source of meat is time-consuming work. The meat selection should be made by considering various factors, one of which is the meat quality and source of feed.

Grind yourself

Once you get hold of meat after hefty research on your end, the next course of action is to grind the meat.

The grinding should be done on your own using your appliances. Start by cutting the meat into smaller pieces and putting it on the grinder.

Keep it cold

The meat should be kept in a cold place at all costs. The last thing you need is to have bacteria and other contamination entered into your meat.

Add salt to the outside

One of the most basic forms of marination that is used by many people to ensure burgers on the grill is done most effectively is adding salt from the outside.

Adding salt will ensure that meat gets extra taste over its border and when you left the meat for a few minutes the taste will go further inside as well.

Create perfectly shaped patties

The patties should be made in perfect shape. One of the ways to do that is to place your thumb into the middle so that a dimple is made.

The perfected shape of your patties will ensure that all of the heat is effectively transferred across the meat patty and during the time burgers on the grill are reached, the meat can be heated up in the best manner.

Use indirect heating

The heat given to the patties should not be direct instead it should be made with the help of a second plate.

The plate is heated with the process of conduction so that your meat doesn’t get burned as it’s not directly under the fire source.

Try to use a thermometer

Having the thermometer proximity when burgers on the grill are cooked, you can ensure that the temperature on the inside is as per the standard range so that your meat comes either around rare, medium, or well done.

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