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6 Reasons why Foodies love our Rotisserie chicken? And you will too, guaranteed!

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There are many reasons to love chicken; charbroiled rotisserie is the top one! Those of you foodies who can’t live without chicken are up for a treat. We will disclose the secret ingredient behind the popular Super-Grill Rotisserie chicken. So if you are interested in knowing why our customers love to eat our Peruvian style rotisserie chicken every week, here is a list of 5 reasons why. Enjoy

1: It’s Peruvian!

It’s Halal. It’s Peruvian. It’s Delicious.
Super Grill-Pollo is a Peruvian food lovers heaven. We make the juiciest and most flavorful Peruvian chicken in Falls church, Va. But don’t get us wrong, we also specialize in American foods: Cheesesteak subs, Cheeseburgers, nuggets and chicken tenders. We love to host our Spanish speaking community, and it’s really easy to order with us, as we have Spanish speaking staff fully dedicated to catering you with yummiest food you like.  

2: Hot and Spicy Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie chicken is easy to make, but hard to make it taste Amazing! And we at Super-Grill are experts at bringing that amazing taste to your plates every time you eat with us. Usually, rotisserie chicken bought from other places is very bland and lacking of flavor, but you will know why our customers keep coming back for more once you try it at Super grill. We make it super-hot and spicy.

3: Comes with the Perfect Sides, including Yuca!

Hello Yuca Lovers. It’s going to be a great day for you because we got the Yuca you deserve. We have the most crispy, hot, tasty and large size Yuca you could ask for. Perfect treat for you taste buds. Our Peruvian food, and Rotisserie chicken comes with sides of your choice including: Brown Rice, Grilled Veggies, Yuca and sauces.

4: Roasted to golden brown perfection.

Who doesn’t like a perfect looking rotisserie chicken. Perhaps just like us, you too are impressed by a shiny, gold, charbroiled skin of the chicken marinated with salt and spices, slow cooked to meet the perfection of taste and delicacy. Yes, we make our chicken gold, the taste is priceless.

5: Full of Flavor

If you are thinking what could be the best Peruvian food near me? That has flavor, taste, and the right amount of charbroiled skin? Well, the answer is one and simple: Super Grill-Pollo! Our Peruvian chicken and the Rotisserie chicken comes with fresh flavors that will make you its fan at the very first bite. Well cooked from the inside so that same taste comes with every bite.

6: It’s near you.

Guess what? Super-Grill is right in your neighborhood, just a click away. You can order anything from our website here and it will be delivered to you within 30mins. Super Grill is doing food delivery in Fairfax, and Falls Church, Va. Give it a try, and you will love it.

Halal chicken, Peruvian chicken, halal food, halal food near me, best peruvian chicken, restaurants in faifax


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