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10 best Tips to ensure that your burgers grilled right

burgers grilled right | the super grill

10 best Tips to ensure that your burgers grilled right

If you want to make sure that your burgers grilled right, it’s pertinent to follow some authentic ways that are proven by famous chefs around the world.

We have created this article for our readers who are looking to ensure that their burgers grilled right so that they can have a solid flavored burger without any surprise for the worse.

Start with good beef meat

The most first thing that you should ensure is that get fresh beef meat from the market. The meat must be grounded and if not, you should do that through the meat store people.

Not to overseason

Add your seasons such as salt, pepper, paste, and sauces of your choice. Just ensure that don’t over-season your patties.

Overseason will make your patties grilled uneven and make the entire grill station messy from top to bottom.

Don’t add a lot of meat

If you need to have stacked burgers, add medium-width patties over one another. Just don’t add a lot of meat over them as it will break then and be hard to handle.

Ensure the thickness is perfect

The thickness of patties is important as most people add meat but don’t make it a perfect shape. Creating shape is hard if the meat is added in high quantity. The raw meat thickness should be around 1 inch.

Level your patties

Patties shouldn’t have any type of bumps around their level as it will make the taste of the entire burger a bit uncertain.

To ensure that your burgers grilled right, the patties needed to be made on a plane surface from both ends.

Start with cold grounded beef

Select the meat directly from the freezer and don’t keep the meat staying at room temperature as it will add risks of contamination.

Clean your grill

Before you grill your burgers, make sure the grill itself is completely cleaned. The grease needs to be cleaned most importantly.

Use two-layered cooking setup

You have an option for grilling burgers is whether to cook burgers directly on the line of fire or through a two-layered cooking setup. We prefer the latter one and it protects the patties to get burned from fire while cooked consistently.

Make your grill burn at the right temperature

The temperature is paramount when looking for your burgers grilled right. Have the meat temperature with you to keep checking the temperature is correct, which should be around 125 to 160 degrees.

Just don’t flip frequently

Flipping patties is a part of cooking the burgers. You have to evenly flip them, not frequently as the surface takes time to transfer heat to the meat.

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